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Winning It All
is a series of lessons based on the Berean School of the Bible (BSB) curriculum called 21st century Discipleship . The Berean School of the Bible courses are offered in Malta by Global Institute of Theology (GIT).

Gozo Jesus Center is a learning center authorized to teach BSB courses and utilize them for the local needs by GIT.

This couse is made for new believers who want to learn, how to
follow JESUS. Become a Disciple. Join the Winners.

Click on a presentation from the list below:

Winning It All - Introduction

Lesson 1: First Steps

Lesson 2A: At GOD's School

Lesson 2B: Six Ways To Grow

Lesson 3: Book(s) and Author(s)

Lesson 4: The Bible In Our Daily Life

Lesson 5: How To Read The Bible

Lesson 6A: P.R.A.Y.E.R

Lesson 6B: All About A Prayer Life - Part 1

Lesson 6C: All About A Prayer Life - Part 2

Lesson 7A: Basics Of Faith

Lesson 7B: The Development Of Faith

Lesson 7C: Faith Needs To Be Tested

Lesson 7D: GOD's Promises Concerning Faith

Lesson 8: The Church: Your New Spiritual Home

Lesson 9A: Sanctification Is Reshaping

Lesson 9B: Understanding God's Way Of Sanctification

Lesson 10A: The Fruit Of The Holy Spirit - Part 1

Lesson 10B: The Fruit Of The Holy Spirit - Part 2

Lesson 11: Summary: A Win - Win Situation

More lessons will be uploaded soon!
Join us every Thursday night @ 7:30pm to learn more!